Permanent Makeup & Microblading Class Schedule

Three "3" Day Class for The Art of Permanent Makeup Training (aka Cosmetics) with The Art of Microblading Technique are scheduled on Monday through Wednesday for the dates as stated below. The classes include: learning various manual hand techniques, learning how to use a digital PMU machine, learning the fundamentals in "The Art of Permanent Makeup and The Art of Microblading", color theory, brow mapping, learning the usage for various types and size needles for both the manual hand tool and digital machine, learning to create powder/shading/ombre brows, learning to remove old washed out pigment, practical training and work on live models under direct Instructor supervision.

Bonus Class: "Business 101": how to launch, build and maintain your business, business insurance, permanent makeup/tattoo insurance, social media marketing, domain name and website building.

Please note: If you are seeking to enroll for the Eyeliner Training, add one additional day to the dates stated below. If you are seeking to enroll for both the Eyeliner & Lip-Liner & Color Training, add two additional days to the dates stated below.


13th - 15th
 4th - 6th
 18th - 20th
 Specialty Beauty Classes:
Private, "one-on-one" and small group classes can be combined per student request. The specialty classes offered are:
Classic & Volume Eyelash Extension Training
Eyebrow Extension & Sculpting Training
MicroNeedling for Collagen Induction Therapy
The Art of Threading Workshop
Maxx Your Lash: Semi-Permanent Mascara & Lash Perm Lift Workshop

The Advanced Classes for Permanent Makeup Instructor, The Arts of Scalp Micropigmentation and Areola Reconstruction Classes are scheduled as private classes by student request.

Please call (972) 422-2045 or email to register.