Our students are simply the best. We are thankful to our students for their hard work and continued success!

At Lux Lash & Brow Co. we are fortunate and thankful to meet and train a great group of "professional" women & men from across the USA.  While we always aim to please ALL our students, we understand that there will always be that "someone" who is not the perfect class candidate. Like any new creative art..."after" class you will need to practice, practice and practice to make perfect. 

It's Graduation Day!

At Lux Lash & Brow Co. we take pride in our course curriculum for each and every class. The curriculum will be your bible to peruse, comprehend thoroughly and read over and over again, long after you leave your class. We have established long term relationships with our students that are invaluable. We will continue to cherish the bonds created for a lifetime. It is our mission and desire for you to be extremely successful at your new art. Your success is our success!