Professional PMU Artist certification classes offered for eyebrows, eyeliner, lips (liner & coloration), scalp micropigmentation and areola reconstruction. 

Education and Training Classes: 
3 Day Classes are scheduled on Monday - Wednesday

4 Day Classes are scheduled on Monday - Thursday.

5 Day Classes are scheduled on Monday - Friday.

All classes start at 10:00 AM and end @ 6:00 PM

All classes include Basic Starter Kit with "all" necessary supplies needed to immediately service new clients.

All classes include Certificate of Completion.

The specialty classes will guide you "step by step" to achieve and perfect the application of beautiful natural looking eyebrows, eyeliner and lip coloration.

Permanent Makeup & Microblading Class Tuition:
Brows ONLY = $2,200.00 (3 Day Class)
Brows & Eyeliner = $2,600.00 (4 Day Class)
Brows/Lips/Eyeliner = $3,000.00 (5 Day Class)


Class Tuition - $3,000.00   (3 Day Class)

Ever wonder how long it takes to develop the confidence and skills to perform scalp micropigmentation on your own clients? Well, with the right training it can take as little as 3 days of in-depth hands on training. The full class includes Theory, Color Theory, mannequin hands-on practice and live model training with various levels of hair-loss. In this complete class you will definitely gain the knowledge and skill set and proficiency necessary to perform absolute perfection in the Art of Scalp Micropigmentation! Please note: you must have prior 6 months experience in performing permanent cosmetics.  

Areola Reconstruction

Class Tuition - $4,000.00 (5 Day Class)

Areola Restorative Tattooing can quickly create a smile for a cancer patient that has undergone a double breast mastectomy.  A simple areola tattoo to the breasts can absolutely uplift their spirit and motivate their self-esteem. It will give you a rewarding sense of self value, motivate you and change the way you ultimately see the world! You will receive support after the course to assist you in becoming a truly qualified Permanent Cosmetics Artist that specializes in the Art of Areola Tattooing. Please note: you must have prior 6 months experience in performing permanent cosmetics.   

The Art of Permanent Makeup Classes are Serious Training!

No matter how skilled you are, the PMU classes will take your skillset to the next level. Our classes are offered monthly. In our interactive PMU classes and workshop you will learn proven techniques that will save you time, money and reduced touch-ups; step-by-step guidelines for applying color that appears natural; expert hands-on instruction; unconventional marketing strategies; and so much more. Don't delay, enroll today. This class can make a difference in your career!

While there are no PREREQUISITE to learning Permanent Cosmetics and Microblading, having an artistic nature, aesthetics or cosmetology background will give you an huge advantage. In applying the techniques on your clients, you will be required to draw matching eyebrow sets, sleek eyeliners and perfect matching lip shapes for liner and full lip coloration. The PMU artistry and the application techniques are definitely not for the squeamish. All permanent makeup application and microblading techniques includes breaking the skin, which means there is a possible minimal amount of bleeding. Your clients will truly appreciate the use of topical pain management cream. Before attending your training class, we strongly urge you to simply practice drawing matching eyebrows on paper using pencil for easy mistake corrections.

What's Included in ALL Classes?

Includes: in-depth, student manual, workbook, DVD, practice skins, pigment, tools, supplies, certificate of completion and live model practice. All students are eligible to purchase our permanent make up equipment, tools and supplies at special discount prices.

Permanent Makeup Instructor Training Program - $3,500.00

(100 hours of in-depth training includes at-home study guide and live in-person classroom training)

Do you have what it takes to be a Permanent Makeup Instructor? Due to the beauty industry’s growing trend of permanent cosmetics, it’s evident of the need for skilled and thoroughly trained Permanent Makeup Instructors!

ALL PMU Instructor candidates must first provide client portfolio with clear evidence of superior technical skills in the application of permanent cosmetics, their ability to follow the strictest guidelines of sanitation and sterilization, maintain all necessary insurances, licenses and follow all laws and regulations required by their local governing authorities.

PMU Instructor Certification includes at home study guide, in-depth classroom training, live class training in which the student instructor will teach a mock basic class overseen by the PMU Master Instructor. Final certification includes both written and “hands-on” examination of the student instructor procedural skills, sterilization, sanitation procedures, communication and instruction skills.

ALL PMU Instructor candidates will train on the instruction of the application techniques for eyebrows, eyeliner, lips liner and coloration.

We will help you build your own brand, including business 101, advertising and marketing.

Professional Eyelash & Eyebrow Extension Training

One (1)  Day Classes:

Classic Eyelash Extension Training - $600.00

Perfect Volume Eyelash Extension Training - $750.00

Eyebrow Extension & Sculpting - $750.00

The Art of Threading Workshop - $375.00

TWO or more classes qualifies for the package discount!


Micro-Needling for Collagen Induction Therapy Training

Professional One (1) Day Class - Class Cost $1,200.00

All One Day classes are held on Monday from 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM

All classes include Basic Starter Kit.

All classes include Certificate of Completion.

Micro-Needling is based on the use of tiny needles to create micro channels (tiny holes) in the skin.  The process stimulates your skin’s natural ability to heal itself and in the process produces collagen and elastin. This repair process begins almost immediately and results in a thicker dermis and softened wrinkles or scars. There is no tissue destruction with micro needling. The small channels in the epidermis close very quickly and the skin begins a healing response right away. Depending on the depth of the skin defect, you may see only redness or you may experience some pinpoint bleeding which stops almost immediately. Micro-Needling delivers an outstanding product absorption booster. These superficial micro-channels also allow topical gels, creams and serums to be absorbed more effectively into the skin. Specific treatment products can be selected to achieve accelerated results. 



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